Spencer P Golden

spencer p golden

Army veteran Spencer P Golden hailed as a hero after numerous incursions into enemy territory or condemned as a criminal after being sentenced to 87 months in Federal Prison.

Spencer P Golden is a disabled veteran, but where did he serve, what did he do and the details about his disabled status are fuzzy at best.  This veteran’s actions if we knew of them would be called heroic and life-saving. His US Army documents show he was designated Special Forces.This reporter suspects he was part of Operation Bright Star or a classified operation that was funded under Bright Star. The only official details state that Bright Star was an American exercise to reinforce allies in the middle east.Ronald Reagan expanded the scope and funding of some middle east operations as evidenced by the installation of the large Marine base in Beirut, Lebanon.We know the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut killed marines and US Army personnel. It has been long since thought while President Reagan pulled out the Marines, he had sanctioned the CIA and DOD to run “exercises” jointly in the Middle East near the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps Spencer P Golden was involved in a similar operation. 1983 is the year we all hail as the beginning of the war on terror, where was Spencer P Golden?

Part 2 will be published in August/September  with more answers as we peel back the onion on who is Spencer P Golden.  Anybody who knows Golden, please contact me at the following email, contact@readamericanews.com we will keep your identity 100% confidential.