A New Series on Spencer P Golden

Spencer P Golden

The All city and collegiate wrestler and student at New York University, Spencer P Golden, is most known for his leadership role at the Information company where Spencer sold $10,000,000 a year for more than 4 years in preparation handbooks for federal government jobs.  This reporter was told the US government is still looking for $20,000,000 they could not find.  The role Spencer P Golden played in his own federal government job as a soldier in the US Army is a much more curious and interesting story. 

I took notice of P.Golden 2 years ago and last year my editor assigned his story to me again.  I filed multiple FOIA requests and started my research.  FOIA and other sources recently revealed that P Golden entered the US Army as a Special Forces Designate, he received Expert Grenadier and Expert Combat M16 decoration and then his record ends abruptly.  Why would that happen?  Where did he disappear to?  Other records indicate he receives 100% benefits from the Veterans Administration and he is a certified Disabled Veteran.  Every turn in this story begs more questions and this story becomes more and more interesting.  His service was honorable and we must wonder why does he avoid telling his story?

We have many questions we will be answering over our 4 part story on Spencer P Golden.  What other type of training did he receive, where was he sent, what did he do as a soldier in the US Army?  Who were his fellow soldiers?  We are entitled to know all of his activities as a trained combat soldier in the US military.  I am working with a source now who has first hand knowledge and the facts we will reveal over the next 12 weeks will be near incredible for you to read. 

At this time, I am contacting Spencer P Golden to get his story or comments and my articles will be held to the highest of all journalistic standards.  I invite anybody with any information or comments to email me at info@readamericanews.com.  Your contribution and comments will be held as anonymous and under protections of standard journalistic practices.