Another logistics startup emerges in Seattle: Convoy vets land $2.4M to tackle trucking analytics

New funding:GoodShip, a transportation analytics firm based in Seattle, raised $2.4 million in a round headed by Fuse and co-invested in by Cercano Management, Flexport Fund, Innovation Endeavors, Sope Creek Capital, and other angel investors. The founders:Ryan Soskin and David Tsai were early workers and leaders of Convoy, the Seattle transportation marketplace sponsored by Bill … Read more

Elon Musk’s first test of how to handle misinformation on Twitter is not going well

The attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband at their San Francisco home sparked a flurry of conspiracy theories. It was a first test of how disinformation travels online in 2022 for one freshly minted social media owner, and the findings were not positive. Elon Musk, Twitter’s new Chief Twit, decided to join the online response to … Read more

US curbs on microchips could throttle China’s ambitions and escalate the tech war

Analysts warn that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambition to “win the battle” in key technologies and strengthen China’s position as a tech giant might be seriously harmed by Washington’s unprecedented moves to restrict the export of sophisticated semiconductors and chip-making equipment to the nation. On October 7, the Biden administration announced extensive export limits that … Read more

Tech companies like Amazon and Meta are warning of tough times ahead — and only some are prepared

Following earnings announcements that indicated rough seas were ahead, tech stocks took a beating this week. Analysts predict that while Apple is a “bright spot,” Meta, Alphabet, and other companies face a challenging few months. Analysts say Meta has to focused on its core business, but those companies are better able to handle it. Warren … Read more

Trump Jr. comments on Paul Pelosi attack, says Dems should take ‘all violent crime as seriously’

Donald Trump Jr. said the recent house invasion and attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, should encourage Democrats to take violent crime more seriously. In a Truth Social article The son of the former president charged Democratic politicians on Saturday afternoon of failing to do enough to assist common people … Read more

6 to Know: South Florida Officials Preparing for Flooding From Hurricane Ian

No. 1 – The west coast of Florida is ready for a “life-threatening storm” as Hurricane Ian strengthens to a severe Category 4 hurricane before making landfall on Wednesday. Ian attained Category 4 strength over the warm Gulf of Mexico seas, with maximum winds of 140 mph before making landfall in Florida. Hundreds of thousands … Read more

The power is out. Homes and roads are flooded. In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona leaves a ‘nightmare.’

The vehicle driven by Luciano Bozzolo sped for the inner mountains of Puerto Rico. He had a mission to provide food, water, generators, and other essential supplies to communities devastated by Hurricane Fiona. The 43-year-old Bozzolo said to USA TODAY over the phone, “We had a buddy call begging for help,” on Tuesday. The San … Read more

5 years later, Puerto Ricans are still struggling with Hurricane Maria’s devastation. Then came Hurricane Fiona.

Residents of the U.S. island in the Caribbean didn’t have to search far to find reminders of the last major hurricane to slam the region, which occurred exactly five years ago, as Hurricane Fiona drew down on Puerto Rico this week: Thousands of houses are covered with blue tarps, the island is still littered with … Read more