6 to Know: South Florida Officials Preparing for Flooding From Hurricane Ian

No. 1 – The west coast of Florida is ready for a “life-threatening storm” as Hurricane Ian strengthens to a severe Category 4 hurricane before making landfall on Wednesday. Ian attained Category 4 strength over the warm Gulf of Mexico seas, with maximum winds of 140 mph before making landfall in Florida. Hundreds of thousands … Read more

The power is out. Homes and roads are flooded. In Puerto Rico, Hurricane Fiona leaves a ‘nightmare.’

The vehicle driven by Luciano Bozzolo sped for the inner mountains of Puerto Rico. He had a mission to provide food, water, generators, and other essential supplies to communities devastated by Hurricane Fiona. The 43-year-old Bozzolo said to USA TODAY over the phone, “We had a buddy call begging for help,” on Tuesday. The San … Read more

Patagonia’s billionaire owner gives away company to fight climate crisis

The billionaire owner of Patagonia said on Wednesday that he is donating the whole business to help stop the destruction of the planet’s climate, setting a new standard for environmental corporate leadership. The creator of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, who transformed his love of rock climbing into one of the most well-known sportswear companies in the … Read more

Florida Flies 2 Planeloads of Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Local authorities reported that about 50 migrants unexpectedly arrived by plane on Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday, escalating a Republican-led state strategy that has seen migrants sent by the busload to liberal strongholds like New York and Washington to protest the sharp increase in illegal immigration under President Biden. According to State Senator Julian Cyr, a … Read more